Congressman Patrick Meehan

Representing the 7th District of Pennsylvania

Meehan Opposes Lifting Oil Export Ban

Oct 9, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Patrick Meehan (PA-07) today opposed legislation considered on the House floor that would lift the 40 year old prohibition on the export of crude oil.

“Our policy of American energy independence, affordable prices and a secure supply is set back by lifting the oil export ban.“ Meehan said. “Sending American crude overseas will not lessen our dependence on oil from the world’s most dangerous region.

“Numerous studies show that keeping American crude in America and refining it here has yielded lower gas prices for consumers, and this bill will likely send prices higher. Despite recent gains in domestic production, we still import more than seven million barrels a day from overseas, including the volatile Middle East.

“Lifting the ban could undermine our own domestic refining industry, which supports thousands of jobs in our region. Protecting these jobs isn’t just good for our community – it is good for our country. Our domestic refining capacity is an important national security priority. American crude could be sent to overseas refineries without the same standard for environmental protections.

“There are real implications for removing the ban on crude exports: national security, environmental and economic. It could have real implications for jobs in our region. And until we more fully understand just what it means for middle class families, I can’t support it.”