Congressman Patrick Meehan

Representing the 7th District of Pennsylvania

A Compliant But Dangerous Iran

Jul 19, 2017
Press Release
The nuclear threat to the U.S. is only slightly lessened




A Compliant But Dangerous Iran

The nuclear threat to the U.S. is only slightly lessened

By Rep. Patrick Meehan 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last Friday marked the second anniversary of an agreement on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran nuclear deal. I was a critic of the deal at the time, and I continue to be alarmed by Iran’s aggression on the world stage.

The Trump administration on Monday certified, as required by Congress, that Iran is in technical compliance with the terms of the deal. Many Democrats and some in the news media will no doubt trumpet this as a validation of the deal and a rebuke of its critics — President Trump included.

But the concern of those of us who opposed the deal was never that the regime would fail to comply. Our concern rests in the deal’s fundamental flaws. The agreement’s scope is so narrow and its mandates so diluted that Iranian compliance places no real burden on the regime…

…Free of sanctions, Iranian oil is flowing out and foreign currency is flowing in. The Iranian military is ramping up the purchase of sophisticated air defense systems and other equipment from Russia. There are reports from German intelligence that Iran has been using its cash influx to buy nuclear and missile technology in defiance of sanctions and U.N. resolutions. The Iran deal has given the mullahs’ regime what it needed most — cash, time and breathing room.

America, on the other hand, finds itself stuck in a deal too weak to be effective but strong enough to tie our own hands in dealings with Tehran. The crippling sanctions so effective in bringing the Iranians to the table in the first place are no longer a tool at our disposal so long as Iran remains in “technical” compliance with the deal….


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